The most dependable and trustworthy means of sea transportation offered by CWL STORAGE COMPANY LLC is the use of crude, petroleum, chemical oil, and gas vessel ships. This method ensures secure and efficient delivery of large quantities of crude, petroleum, cargoes, oil, and gas across both short and long distances on various sea routes worldwide.

CWL STORAGE COMPANY LLC offers cost-effective transportation options by combining freight ship and sea routes for various types of goods including petroleum, petrochemicals, crude oil and gas, general cargo, temperature-controlled and hazardous materials, chemical liquids, and oversized heavy cargo.

Our extensive fleet of vessels boasts significant capacities, enabling us to handle, accommodate, and transport products and cargoes of all sizes and weights to a wide range of destinations. Our sea transport services are renowned for their efficiency, reliability, and sufficiency, making them the preferred mode of transportation for delivering large quantities of goods and services in the international market. Our customers can rely on us to provide them with the most efficient, reliable, and sufficient way of transportation for their bulk cargo needs.

We offer a full array of freight forwarding and global transportation services to meet the most demanding shipping requirements. Whatever the destination, we are sure with 100% rating ratio to deliver your petroleum, petrochemical, crude oil products and cargoes on time at favorable rates across both local and international borders all round the world.

As a proud owner, CWL STORAGE COMPANY LLC has a substantial fleet of ships and vessels at its disposal, which it operates and manages with great success. We collaborate closely with a diverse network of global and local carriers to provide our clients with the most optimal transportation solutions. Our partnership with professional coast guard teams ensures the safe and efficient transportation of goods, while our extensive portfolio of carriers allows us to offer a wide range of transportation options to meet our clients' specific needs.

The list containing the names of our numerous vessel ships can be found below.

Oil tanker

Dry Cargo Ships
Bulk Carriers
General Cargo Vessels
Container Vessels
Reefer Vessels
Ro-Ro Vessels
Liquid Cargo Ships
Crude Carriers
Product Carriers
Chemical Carriers
Liquefied Gas Carriers

To cater to the demands of our esteemed customers, we have set up the eCargoWorld division. This department offers a comprehensive solution for sea freight services across continents like America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Through this, we are able to provide prompt and adaptable services at competitive rates.

We continuously enhance our collaborations with both international and regional carriers in order to provide a comprehensive range of primary and supplementary services across the globe.

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